Cara & Dave’s Bookworm Inspired Engagement Session

Engagements with props! Gotta love them! You all know that I am always raving about engagements with props, but they are great. Today we have for you this cute bookworm inspired one to enjoy!


A few words from photographer Janelle Evangelides, “Dave and Cara are two book worms that fell in love. Dave owns a company restoring vintages books for a living. Cara has been collecting vintage books most of her life. So when they met about two years ago, it was a match made in book heaven. We packed up only a small portion of their books and headed out on a little adventure full of books, love and laughter!”

Photography: JE Photography LLC

2 thoughts on “Cara & Dave’s Bookworm Inspired Engagement Session

  1. Beautiful pictures featuring a gorgeous couple!! So proud of my nieces accomplishments!!!

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